Original Textile Designs

I am mostly inspired by the nature that surrounds me, from wild flowers growing on the roadside, to trees and plants in my yard. Creating repeating patterns that find their roots in the cyanotypes I create is my happy place. I thrive on creating, the sunshine, and walks around my tiny mountain town. My goal has always been to create repeating patterns that are organic and natural.

I believe textile designs are one of the many ways we can express ourselves and make our spaces beautiful. Weaving parts of my life into each one of them, makes the design process and end results very personal and meaningful.

  • Cascade Collection

    One of my most memorable sites in Nice, France, was the Colline du Chateau, otherwise known as Castle Hill. It overlooks the ocean and much of Vieux (old) Nice. Once you make it up the stairs (Promenade des Anglais), you are rewarded with the most amazing views of the beaches on one side and yachts moored in the harbor on the other. The terrain is rich with flowers and trees that seem to cascade down the side of the cliff.

  • Silver Maples Collection

    Silver Maples are found throughout my town. The best ones to use in my designs are ones that the bugs have left behind. I love the little bite marks shown in these leaves. It reminds me that even if you feel a little worn, you can still be beautiful.

  • Windblown Collection

    Many of the days in Colorado are windy. We don't like the say the "W" word, lest in brings more wind! Regardless of the wind, this collection is all about the leaves that I find windblown on the street walking around town. The Green Ash leaf is one of my favorites, which this collection is all about.

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