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Wendy Mitchell Art

Nature's Serernade

Nature's Serernade

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Original Mixed Media Cyanotype

20.5x47" before framing

Cyanotype embellished with vintage sheet music, gold leaf, gold watercolor, paint pens

Nature's Serenade is a captivating fusion of nature and music, where the beauty of both worlds intertwines. The cyanotype classical guitar serves as the centerpiece, adorned with delicate ferns that evoke a sense of organic vitality. A collage of printed music by America surrounds the guitar, adding a layer of cultural significance and rhythm to the composition. The addition of paint pen lines in black and blue, along with metallic gold leaves and vines, adds a touch of elegance and intricacy, enhancing the overall visual appeal. "Nature's Serenade" captivates the imagination with its blend of artistic techniques and themes, offering a serene and enchanting experience for the observer.

This piece is currently being framed. I will post a picture as soon as it's complete.
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